Saturday, October 5, 2013

My insides.

My inner actor...

Monday, February 7, 2011


Well..Howdy. Nah. ya have'nt seen me around. Nah. ya have'nt heard any, nasty musings  from me. Nah. I have'nt forgotten bout' cha'.

To be blunt...I've been busy engaging in life, rather than sittin' back and pickin' it apart. Don't get me wrong, there's still some tedious crap out there, that, wears on the nerves. I just chose to wait a while, until my brain cells can articulate it.

Until then....comb back through, my old bizarre rants. They still will have you, in a place of uttter entertainment and distain.

i'll. be. back.'ll be seein' my performance schedule, here from time to time.

I whore myself out, So you don't have to.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm awake now...

All I wanted to do, was to let you Phuckaz continue with, your sweet, tasty goodness, I call Coonery. But nooooo...Now it's gettin' to be dis-phuckin'-gusting.

Welllp... I'm awake now. I need to "Air Out". Soooo. here's nothin'.

- Did I miss somethin', or when did  SOME (black folks in particular), get soooo tech savvy?!?  Ya can't get some of  us to pick up a book, learn a decent trade or even continue educating ourselves on, our present trade. But all tha hell of a sudden...we gotta have tha newest phone/computer/Whatever tha hell Steve Jobs is whoring out at the time, device. And for what?!? To text/e-mail/ IM a Muh Phucka you don't want to actually talk to! Some of us were better off, writin' wit feces on cave walls. At least you had to put thought into, what you were writin', and that era's technology was simple.

- Soooo...I guess it's OK to air out, your nasty azz laundry to errryone huh? When did we all become soooo damn emotional (Present company In-Friggin-Cluded) I mean...hell...yeah I put some sh!t out there, but damn I'm ventin', as opposed to those that are lookin' for, Captain Save A Hoe (Was'nt sure bout the HOE or HO) When did it become trendy to NOT solve, ya own sh!t?!?  Ususally when I take to typin', I'm actually workin' through my demons, not tryin' to find "A new Mommy". By tha way... if you have some hostility towards an individual, TAKE IT TO THEM!!! not on social networkin' crap. Be human about your sh!t.

- If you're over 40 and have'nt seen tha inside of a gym/health food store/doctor's office in years...maybe you should'nt engage in "Erotic Stills", on said, social networkin' sites. I've come to grips wit my body. On tha outside world, I may not look like much, BUT if I ever went to jail...I'd be Kelly Rowland.

- Now this is just an observation. (TeeHee) To those on Facebook (Mine Especially) that engage in "Ya Momma" jokes/Any other funny tidbits, SOME of you have a natural comedic timing. You FEW people are the reason, I stay on my grind, in this business. AS FOR THA REST...there's a reason that some of you, in high school, always looked like you had downs syndrome. You were'nt that bright then, sure as hell aint that bright now. There's a reason I do this, like I do. 1. No effin' fear of man or beast. 2. Refer to number 1.

Ahhh....That's just a snack. wait til tha buffet kicks in. Smooches. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ramblings: (Me and my GuhFriend)

Yeahh...dat's tha way I wanted to spell "Girlfriend". (Funny how Phuckas are quick to correct tha english language when written, but need spellcheck when textin')

I'm a lil high riiight now. My  Love and I, have taken are relationship, to tha next level. ya see..I never mentioned her in any of my posts, interviews, etc, due to the fact that, my baby likes the quiet life. Oh sure, sometimes she comes to work wit me, but she loves, to play tha background.

When I'm wit her, I consume her, as much as she consumes me. I embrace her flavor, as much as she embraces my soul.  I admit when I see her, a warm glow touches my essence. She looks at me, as if, to look through me. To see my travels, my thoughts, my soul, my being.  Maybe Love is to mild a term for what she does to me, for me, with me.

When she's around, tha world stands still. There's no other beings present, when she's around. My life for every second she's around, has a new breath, new meanin' new focus. As if i'm learnin' to breathe again, every breath counts. Love is word with many definitions, my feelings for her right now, Radiates each and every one of them.

I raise my glass, my life, my being, to toast to her now. For without her name on my lips, my life, my soul, my essence, is mute. Here's to you my lovely....


Monday, October 18, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mr. "Fingerbang ya favorite actress" is back.

Catchy title huh? If only, it were true. (Well...some of you that went to high school wit me, know there are some execptions) are ya? (Good, glad to hear it) I'm sure by tha time you read this, you reeally could give "Tommy two-Sh!ts" about what I've been into. But, there are those that do read my stuff, on tha regular.(What I mean by regular, I mean when they use the bathroom. I.E.  A sloppy number 2)

Wit that said, I'll give ya tha highlights, as well as lil musings, that made me chuckle..I.E. increase my meds. (NOTE...yes i'm using "I.E." a lot. Google it, N-word)

Let's bust this pinata shall we?

- Tha acting gigs are still goin' strong. What i've come to see though, is that I have a HIGH tolerance for bullsh!t. I don't need folks to tell me, how good they are at sh!t, just do it. "Industry"folks can be as close to some horror film characters, than anybody. *Cue "Drake's song Over*.  I have more respect for those who just do it, as opposed to those Muh Phuckaz, that say it, with no execution. *Sigh* Phuckin' posers. My motto is "I can show ya..better than I can tell ya". (Actually my Granny Po-Po gave me that nugget)

- Is it just me, or do some people lack tha basic common sense, that God gave a common house Cat?!?

- Not errrybody that says, they know God, does. Keep in mind, YOU have tha key to you OWN salvation. It's like when tha Gas company or Com-Ed visit your home. You can tell they're a true representive, by their CREDENTIALS. Examine your surroundings closer, and you'll find like minds. (I came up wit that while smellin' my finger. SIDENOTE: SHE uses Mango peach, for her "Hard to reach" places)

- I recently hit tha big 4-friggin'-0.A swirl of thoughts come wit dat sh!t. Happy to have made it this far, and hope to go further. Then..tha "Look back at ya life" phase creeps in. Sheeet...i've been a sexist, egotistcal, lyin', hypocritical, bigot, for a looong time now. At one point, in 2009, I thought about "Not bein' around" anymore. (I.E. "Kurt Cobain/Heath Ledger-ing  myself)
But, tha man wit tha flowing robe and gorgeous long hair *Not (Insert your favorite ethnic slur here)* saw different, and kept me here. He also made this weird, uncanny, life possible, and for that I thank him.

- I have a job that I hang out wit borderline Bi-polar people, I become someone else, at every turn, and there's a sliiight chance, that I will get groped or do some molestin' and no one gets pissed or in trouble for it. judgin' by tha "Mango" scent on my finger....Acting is AWESOME. You could'nt do this sh!t workin' at Walmart/Sears/DMV/Stop and Shop/your borin' azz office.

- Did I ever tell ya , I'm not right in tha head?!?

-Fellas have ya ever shaved your "One Eyed Earl" and it looks like one of those "Groucho Marx" Halloween masks..*Blank Stare* either.

- Ladies...If you're takin' pics of your Va-Jay-Jay, be careful. Make it look "Happy" before ya snap that pic. Or else, it'll look like a sad little old man. #JustMyThoughts

Now if you'll excuse me, I got lines to learn, gigs to get, and Pap Smears to perform.

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